A Personal Note to ALL Church Leaders

Church leaders need to remember that they have a different mandate than the average church member. At large church members are charged with the care of one another (other Christians and fellow church members in particular, among other responsibilities). Church leaders, however, are charged with the care of the church.  They must be able to look beyond the desires, the needs, and even the feelings of individuals in order to weigh decisions solely for the sake of the local church and the Kingdom of God.

What is good and right for the church may not sit well with everyone, but church leaders aren’t charged with trying to make everyone happy. They’re responsible for the good of the church based on the church’s mission, values, and vision. They must be willing to make decisions that may be unpopular with some church members – including some of the power members. In addition, they must be able to recognize extortion and terroristic threats (“If you ____ then I’m going to ____.”) and have both the courage and the commitment to say, “We’re going to miss you …”

Question: How are your church leaders protecting the integrity of your church? Share your responses in the Comments section below.


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