There’s an old axiom that goes something like:

Those without a destination are doomed to never arrive.

As I was pondering that the other day, a corollary to the axiom came to mind. “Those who don’t define excellence are destined to never achieve it.”

Most church leaders I know are invested in delivering excellence in all their programs, ministries, missions, and events. But when I ask them what excellence looks like in any of those areas, there’s a lot of hesitancy. They “know” they want excellence, but few have defined what that is.

On the other hand, these same church leaders recognize a lack of excellence whenever they see it … and they tend to be quick to point it out. However, pointing these out leads to a culture of criticism, and no one wants to work in that culture.

Define excellence for yourself, for your staff, and for your congregation. Then move heaven and earth to achieve it.