2014 was a banner year for The Effective Church Group at 21st Century Strategies.

  • We provided church leader training resources to over 44,000 church leaders this year, including:
  • We worked in person with over 300 pastors and their congregations
  • We provided private group coaching for 56 pastors
  • We provided one-on-one coaching for 50+ pastors
  • We guided over 25 intensive onsite consultations

As we reviewed the year, we noted there were five blog posts that were of particular interest to pastors and church leaders and that were viewed by literally thousands of church leaders. So, just in case you missed them, we’ve provided the links for you below.

Top Five Blog Posts of 2014

  1. What Every Pastor Should Know About Church Growth
  2. Understanding the Role of Your Pastor
  3. Stop Inviting People to Church – And Grow Your Church Anyway
  4. Why Some Churches See First Time Visitors Every Week
  5. Time Management for Church Leaders

As we get ready to face 2015, we’re looking forward to being able to engage and help even more churches grow with our expanding staff of professional Effective Church Group Consultants.

If your church is considering moving from plateau to growth this year, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.