You walk into your church on a Sunday morning, greeted by the familiar faces of your congregation. The atmosphere is warm, the hymns are uplifting, and the sermon is inspiring. But beneath the surface, there’s a silent killer lurking—unresolved conflict. It’s the elephant in the room that no one wants to address, yet it’s tearing your church apart from the inside out. What if I told you there’s a way to confront this issue and transform your church culture for the better? Stick around; you’ll want to hear this.

The DNA of Your Church

Every church has its DNA—Mission, Values, Vision, Target, and Behavior. While the first four components often get the limelight, it’s the last one, Behavior, that sets the tone for your church’s culture. How leaders and members behave can make or break the church environment. And let’s face it, it only takes one “Negative Ned or Nelly” to spoil the whole bunch.

The Predicament of Predominant Culture

The culture within a church isn’t just a byproduct; it’s a reflection of collective behavior. If your church is stuck in a cycle of negativity, divisiveness, or apathy, it’s high time to address the issue. Changing a predominant culture is no small feat—it either requires a heart change or a membership change. And let’s be honest, how many churches have the stomach for that?

The Power of Behavioral Covenants

Enter Behavioral Covenants—a game-changing tool that can redefine the culture of your church. These covenants spell out the expectations for relationships within the church and beyond. From leadership to membership, these covenants serve as a roadmap for how to treat one another, how to engage in ministries, and how to foster a culture of unity and growth.

The Church Bully: A Stumbling Block to Growth

We’ve all encountered them—the church bullies who hold the congregation hostage with their intimidating behavior or financial leverage. These individuals are often the primary reason a church is struggling. The sad part? Most leaders know who these people are but do nothing about it. It’s time to stop being “nice” and start being “Christian.” The future of your church depends on it.

The Wisdom of Jesus and the Old Testament

Both Jesus and the Old Testament provide us with valuable insights into dealing with conflict and dysfunctional behavior. From Jesus driving out the money changers in the temple to Moses dealing with dissenters, the message is clear: freedom to grow in grace is always better than enslavement to the status quo. Jesus gave the prime directive for dealing with conflict in the church (Matthew 18:15–17) and Paul applied those instructions in a letter to his pastors (Titus 3:10). Not dealing with conflict isn’t an option!

The Call to Action: Your Next Step

Enough is enough. If you’re tired of the unresolved conflict and negative culture plaguing your church, it’s time to take action. We’ve developed a comprehensive guide called “The Covenants” that provides templates for creating effective Behavioral Covenants in your church. These templates are designed to help you tackle the issues head-on and foster a culture of unity, growth, and life transformation.

Download The Covenants Templates for FREE today and take the first step toward transforming your church culture. It’s time to silence the silent killer and breathe new life into your congregation.