Want a vision that sticks? You need these three pillars!

You walk into a church and what do you see? Stained glass windows, perhaps. A pulpit, most likely. But what about the invisible architecture? The stuff you can’t see but can definitely feel. I’m talking about the vision of the church. And let’s face it, some churches feel more like a battlefield than a sanctuary. Why? Because they lack a strong, cohesive vision.

I’ve spent a lifetime studying how churches form, how movements spread, and how change happens. And guess what? The secret sauce is in the vision. A vision that’s built on three unshakeable pillars: Purpose, People, and Passion.

Purpose: The North Star

Purpose is your North Star – it’s the mission of the church and it’s the reason your church exists. It’s the answer to the question, “Why are we here?” And it’s not just about Sunday services or Bible studies. It’s about the impact you want to make in your community and the world. Ultimately, it’s about making disciples. And your mission is what gives your vision direction. Without it, you’re just a ship sailing aimlessly in the ocean.

But here’s the kicker: Purpose isn’t just a mission statement that you slap on your website. It’s a living, breathing ethos that informs every decision you make. It’s the foundation of your church covenants, those sacred commitments that guide behavior and expectations. Purpose is what turns a group of people into a community, bound by a shared mission.

People: The Lifeblood

The second pillar is People. You can have the most inspiring purpose in the world, but without people, it’s just words on a page. People are the lifeblood of any vision. They provide the energy, the manpower, and yes, the financial resources. But more importantly, they provide the emotional investment.

In a church setting, this is where membership covenants and leadership covenants come into play. These are not just formalities or empty rituals. They’re social contracts that define what it means to be a part of your community. They set the boundaries and expectations. They answer the question, “Who belongs here?” And they do it in a way that’s inclusive, not exclusive. Because a vision built on exclusion is a vision doomed to fail.

Passion: The Fuel

The third and final pillar is Passion. This is the emotional fuel that turns your vision from a concept into a reality. Passion is what gets people out of bed in the morning. It’s what drives volunteers to give their time, talent, and treasure. It’s what turns ordinary members into evangelists for your cause.

Passion is contagious. It spreads like wildfire. But it needs to be nurtured and channeled in the right direction. This is where leadership covenants come into the picture. These are the promises that your leaders make to guide the church with integrity, humility, and yes, passion. They’re the commitments that hold leaders accountable, not just to themselves, but to the community they serve.

The Synergy of the Three Pillars

When Purpose, People, and Passion are in harmony, something magical happens. Your vision becomes an unstoppable force for good. It becomes something that people not only buy into but also want to be a part of. It becomes a vision that’s not just compelling but also achievable.

So, if your church feels more like a war zone than a place of worship, take a step back and examine your vision. Does it stand on these three pillars? If not, it’s time for a reset. It’s time to have those lively conversations that Drs. Kris and Bill talk about on ChurchTalk.tv. Conversations that can turn your church from a battlefield into a sanctuary. Conversations that can turn discord into harmony. Conversations that can make your church a beacon of unity in a divided world.

Remember, a strong vision is built on Purpose, People, and Passion. Nail these three, and you won’t just have a vision. You’ll have a movement. And movements? They change the world.

So go ahead, make sure your vision stands on these three pillars, and watch your church not just survive, but thrive.

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