Pulling the Trigger – Part Three

Leaders Must Manage Their Teams
For our purpose we will define a team as “a small group of people with complementary skills who have affinity for one another and who are invited, not elected, by an individual to do the following: achieve a common goal and place that goal before their individual interests, integrate their […]

The Four Secrets to Team-Based Ministry

By Dave Ferguson of Community Christian Church

There are some things you would never say out loud; even though you know they are true. The reason you don’t say them out loud is (despite the fact they are true) they just don’t sound right. If you uttered these secrets people will probably misunderstand you. In […]

To Whom Do Teams Report?

From Bill Easum

Ministry Teams report to different people in different size churches. In small church to the pastor. In a large church to a variety of people. Core teams (those you cannot exist without) report to a staff person who also meets with them or stays in close touch with them. Other teams report […]

Leadership Team Field Exercise 2: Ambiguity of Leadership Language

By: John Laster

From “Gaining Traction” (Chalice Press, 2007)

Do some informal research the next time you as a leader can procure about 5 minutes in a gathering of a cross section of the congregation (a class, small group, town hall meeting, fellowship gathering, or other setting).

•     Let people know you need their input on a quick […]

Leadership Team Field Exercise 1: Spiritual Leadership

By: John Laster

From “Gaining Traction” (Chalice Press, 2007)

Leadership teams are too busy “doing,” and rarely spend enough time thinking and sharing with one another about who God has called them to be and how they are functioning together.  Use this Field Exercise as a catalyst for some needed heart level conversation in your team.

Spend some […]