The Use and Misuse of Power

I’ve met pastors who want their church to grow but don’t want to be the leader because they don’t want to exercise any power or authority. The problem is, this never works; growth takes a leader who is so convinced of the outcome that he or she influences others to jump on board and […]

Great Leadership Part Two

A lot of pastors feel it’s inappropriate to use power, even if it might cause something good to happen. Great leaders aren’t afraid to use power for the corporate good. They know that in the absence of strong leadership, someone steps in to exercise power. They know what normally happens when leaders fail to […]

Power and Authority

From our Advanced Leadership Forum

While studying sociology years ago, I remember studying the difference between power and authority. My shorthand distinction between the two would be that power is about having the ability to make others conform to you will even against their will. Authority emerges when one so consistently demonstrates they have the […]