It’s a Good Idea … For Someone

When I wrote If You’ve Got to Herd Cats, You’ll Need a Big Mouse, I wrote about the reality that your church members have no end of “good ideas” about the direction their church should go. Those good ideas include what new programs should be started, what the church needs to stop doing, and […]

What is Leadership?

What is the one thing a leader needs the most to succeed? If we have the answer to that question, everything else falls into place. So here goes. The thing most needed for someone to succeed as a leader is a deep conviction that what they are attempting is God’s plan for them at […]

Thinking Like the Unchurched

I used to fish a lot. And one of the things I had to learn was to fish where there were fish. That makes sense. But to accomplish that I had to learn how to think like a fish. Fish don’t think, but if they did they wouldn’t think the way we do. If […]

Christmas Tree Lights – a Fun Fundraiser

I posted most of this post last year, but the program is so effective i thought I would elaborate on it and share it again.

Hey folks, here is a way to raise additional funds at Christmas for some of those projects that you can’t afford.

When I was pastoring, every year we did a program […]

Got Vision? Check Out “Execute Your Vision!”

Are you a church leader with vision?  Are you discouraged by the visions you have put before people that seemed to go unheard?  Does it seem like your visions often go unfulfilled?
If so, you are far from alone.  Indeed, it is the norm.  It is no secret to church leaders that this is a […]

Execute Your Vision … Book Release Opportunity

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A Second Conversation with Ralph Moore

Not long ago I did a post on my conversation with Ralph Moore of Hope Chapel in Honolulu. In this conversation I asked Ralph if what I had heard was true – that at times he has given away a sizable portion of his existing congregation to plant churches and did some of them […]

Most Small Groups Are a Waste of Time

Most small groups I see in churches are a waste of time because most of them are little more than data dumps. They are Bible studies that go nowhere other than gaining more knowledge of the Bible and in some cases fellowship. And those aren’t enough.

I’m convinced that in the  world we live in […]

The Ten Most Influential Churches of the Past Century

My friend Elmer Towns just finished a book: The Ten Most Influential Churches of the Past Century. In the book, he gives a thorough examination of the contribution of each church. As always, his research and analysis of what makes a church historically influential is impeccable. And you may be surprised at which churches are […]