Should Sermon’s Have a Call-To-Action?

Every Sunday, thousands of church leaders stand up on their church’s platform and begin to speak. Like Jesus who took the scroll of Isaiah, read a passage, and then offered words of explanation, these leaders start with the scriptures and offer their (hopefully) God-given insights in the hopes of sharing something that will actually […]

Disciple More by Leveraging What You’re Already Doing

Every week, thousands of pastors spend hours and hours creating a sermonic masterpiece that will be heard once by fewer than 60 people.
Every week, tens of thousands of Sunday school classes will meet to educate and ostensibly disciple less than a dozen people.

The same goes for Bible studies, small group studies, and so on.

All […]

Advertising the Church

We live in a marketing-saturated world. The number of ads you see every single day is up in the thousands now (in the 1970s you would have seen about 500 a day … today it’s at about 5000 a day – CBS News). With that in mind, it’s no wonder the church is finding […]

Get Some Visibility

Bill Easum and I are working on an ebook called Church Turnaround. In one section, we talk about getting noticed by the community. Far too many churches that have been in existence for any length of time have become invisible to the community. If you’re going to turn your church around, you’ll have to be […]

Bells Ringing in My Ears

I had to vacate my house for the night because some remodeling was being done, so I checked into a Holiday Inn.  While I was out walking my dogs, one of the biggest mainline churches nearby began to ring out old hymn tunes.  I was a block away and it hurt my ears.  I went […]

What Does Your Newsletter Really Say?

I get to see a lot of church newsletters pretty regularly. Some come by email, some with a stamp, but what they all have in common is that I get them. Since I’m not a member of most of these churches, I have to surmise that I’m not the only non-member who’s getting their […]