I had to vacate my house for the night because some remodeling was being done, so I checked into a Holiday Inn.  While I was out walking my dogs, one of the biggest mainline churches nearby began to ring out old hymn tunes.  I was a block away and it hurt my ears.  I went into my room and I could still hear the bills ringing.

Bells Ringing in My Ears

If the bells bother me, what do you think they do to an unchurched person who is already turned off by churches?  I know what they do – they drive a further wedge between them and churches.

Now the problem is, 50 years ago, when the bells were put into this church people were appreciative of the church ringing out.  It was a sign the community was in good shape and surrounded with God’s love.  Well, it’s no longer 1950 and those bells are offensive to many unchurched people. For those who aren’t bothered by the chimes, I need to ask you: is your church growing?

Just thinking out loud.

Question: What are some figurative “church bells” – traditional yet unnecessary parts of Christianity that unchurched people might find offensive? What are some modern solutions to these problems? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below.

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