Don’t Let the Tail Wag the Dog

The vast majority of dying churches I know get their priorities mixed up. Every church has a primary priority and secondary priorities. The primary priority of any church should be effectively growing the Kingdom, and it can’t be doing that if it totally dies. Secondary priorities can be any kind of mission they choose. […]

Is Church a Verb or Noun?

Is the word “church” a noun or a verb? How you answer this question explains whether you understand the Gospel or have totally missed its point.

So let’s start by asking a question –“Which image best portrays a church?”

Which one did you pick? By the conversations of most Christians it would appear to be the […]

How to Effectively Lead a Staff

This article is a follow up to the previous article on staff management.

Learning how to lead a staff is one of the most important aspects of a pastor’s life if that pastor wants to be an effective leader. Every study shows that the vast majority of churches grow based on their leader and how […]

Management Skills

They didn’t teach me management skills in seminary.  I wish they had, because as the leader of a church, I needed them badly and it’s a shame I had to learn them on my own.  So I thought I would pass on some pointers.

Pointer One:  If you can’t measure it, it will not succeed.  […]

One of the Best Books of the Last Five Years

A book every pastor with a staff, or one who is going to have a staff, should read is Fairness Is Overrated, by Tim Stevens. Over the past two years I’ve waded through dozens of books, and only a handful have pushed my buttons as much as this one. This book is cool to the […]

Five Books For The 21st Century

I’ve always been a voracious reader, so I encourage pastors to read a minimum of ten books a month. I was glad to read a blog from Rick Warren titled “To Be a Great Leader You Absolutely Must Be a Reader.” You can see the article here.

However, I remember when I was a pastor […]

Packaging Experience

Over the past five years I’ve seen a tremendous shift in my ministry. Ten years ago, the bulk of my ministry consisted of local church consultations and workshops. Occasionally I would be asked to coach a pastor following a consultation. Today, almost half of my ministry is coaching pastors either before, after, or totally […]

The Ability to Focus

One of the things I’ve had to do over and over when coaching pastors is remind them to focus on the major issues we’ve talked about instead of getting distracted time and time again. Pastors appear to be extremely vulnerable to distractions due to their high desire to please people. Often pastors have a […]

Following Jesus into the Mission Field

Those who follow my writing know I believe we are living in a pivotal period of history in which everything that will be is being separated from everything that was. In such a traumatic period, all the rules of the game of life are called into question.
Christianity and the Scriptures are the result of […]