What Will It Take For Mainline Denominations To Grow Again?

Nobody will argue that mainline denominations are in decline. It doesn’t matter if the decline is 80 percent or 65 percent as suggested by a recent Barna study, mainline denominations are seeing fewer and fewer people in the pews. This decline begs a question – “What will it take to turn this decline around?”

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Worship Leader’s Job Description

Bill Easum 2007


Position Objective: To provide pastoral leadership to the worship ministries of (your church).

This should reflect whatever mission or vision statement you have.

Position Description: The worship pastor will be the “producer” of each worship service and special programs.  Although the senior pastor is the “director” in terms of setting the theme and overall direction, […]

Looking for a Worship Leader?

If you’re looking for a full-time worship leader, which is the number one hire after the lead pastor, there is a head hunting group that specializes in this area. Find them at www.slingshotgroup.net

The Inner Qualities of a Great Leader

One of the things that has become clearer the further we go into this gray world is the importance of the inner character of great leaders. Their inner character is what makes their actions so profound to those around them.  It’s not that they have a better I. Q., or education, or more money, […]

Deep Change, Discovering the Leader Within by Robert E. Quinn – Part 1

By: Linnea Nilsen Capshaw

Leaders and Change Agents

The hero’s journey is a story of individual transformation, a change of identity.  In embarking on the journey, we must leave the world of certainty.  We must courageously journey to a strange place where there are a lot of risks and much is at stake, a place where there […]