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Just a quick word at Easter.

I was watching the TV tribute to the Bee Gees. And I thought what it must be like to have such a tribute made about you and all of the millions of people watching, just for you. Then my thoughts went back to the Easter Tomb that popped open […]

The Best Way to Retain Visitors

It’s a known fact that it’s easier to keep a new visitor than it is to get a new visitor. So why is it that most churches get only a 15% return rate? The answer is simple – most pastors don’t make an effort to do so. I’ve never understood how a pastor, especially […]

An Amazing Fact and How it Plays Out for Churches

This year people will spend 2.1 billion on Easter Candy.  You read that correctly- 21 billion.  Thank what could be done with that amount of money to do good instead of putting pounds on the average person.

So the next time you decide to take a bite of that chocolate Easter bunny think how many […]