Two Underlying Views of Christianity

Over the years of consulting I’ve noticed two basic views of Christianity.  One view understands Christianity to be a way of life that has eternal consequences. The other view understands it to be a way of life that has no eternal consequences. Obviously a huge gulf lies between these two views of Christianity.

I’ve often […]

A New but Old Metric

I just finished a book called Gaining By Losing: Why the Future Belongs to Churches that Send by J.D. Greear. The premise is basically that the more people you send or give away for whatever reason, the more likely the church is to thrive because that is God’s plan for all churches as seen […]

Making a Difference

The U.S. is full of clergy who go from day to day with no plan for how to make their world a better place. They do what others want them to do as if that is why God put them here. Well, I don’t think that’s God’s plan. I think when God calls us, he […]

Developing a Membership Covenant

I’m a big “DNA” fan; that is, I believe that, before a church can be effectively planted, grown, or transformed (pick whichever category you find yourself in), its leaders, and ultimately its congregation, have to wrestle with this question: “Why do we exist and what does it matter?”  Once the grappling is over and the leaders emerge […]

Do You Measure Up?

How you measure up as a leader is largely determined by what it is you measure. It turns out, one of the differences between an average leader and a great leader can be found by looking at what they put on their spreadsheets.

Actually, that’s a bit misleading. Most of the important measurements don’t actually fit […]

Discerning and Developing Core Values

Over the years, there has been a good bit of conversation amongst church leaders, consultants, and coaches about congregational values – as in, every church needs to identify their core values. All that’s fine and good, but far too often I’ve come upon churches that spout their values as if they’re water springing from […]

Flip Your Church Step 3: Develop Congregational Unity

For some, the thought of congregational unity may be more like a fantasy than a vision of reality, and yet there are churches dotted across the nation that are not only missionally aligned, but they are unified in all they do. That doesn’t mean the members are all automatons or that everyone agrees with everything. […]

Work Towards Role Clarity

Inculating a Shared Leadership DNA

The most common threat to shared leadership DNA in organizations is role confusion among the organization’s various leadership elements. This shows up as an absence of clarity regarding the specific boundaries and functions of the board and the operational management team.   Regardless of the type of organization, it is common […]

The 20 Percent Who Could

The stats aren’t pretty. In fact, they’re pretty deplorable. But they’re nonetheless accurate. Eighty percent of all Pastoral Size to Program Size church transformations fail – 80 percent. A Pastoral Sized church is one in which the pastor is essentially the end-all, be-all of the congregational expectations. They attend virtually every function and event. […]