The Church is Not a Service Organization

Not long ago our organization received a response from a pastor to one of our posts that showed one of the major misconceptions about Christianity.  Here is the quote “If I must go somewhere else to have those needs met I will. Like any other service organization care for the caregiver is critical.” 

The […]

Our Changing World and the Church and Education

I was fortunate enough that my formative years experienced incremental change. I saw lots of changes, TV, commercial air travel, atomic bomb, A/C, cell phones to name just a few, but each of these changes took place slowly enough for me to adapt easily to them. I spent years watching black and white TV […]

Emerging Key Issues Facing the Church of Tomorrow

Key Number One: How to minister in a multicultural world

The boats are no longer coming to North America from Europe. Mainline denominations are finding it impossible to become multicultural in spite of their resolutions and affirmative action. As long as denominations remain dominated by European forms of worship, they’ll never develop multicultural congregations. European forms […]

Church, Essential Ingredients

From Bill Easum

We are often asked to boil down to a bare understandable minimum the essential characteristics of a biblical congregation.

Driven by a clear mission (DNA) that is imprinted throughout the life of the congregation. E very church has the same DNA – to carry out the Great Commission. Of course, every DNA […]

Ten Ways to Life or Death

By: Jeff Patton

#1—EQUIP—Ephesians 4:11-12 is quite clear.  The role of the pastor is to equip the saints.  So equip, equip, equip.  Stop doing all the ministry.  Empower the people to live in the fullness of the Holy Spirit by using their gifts, stretching their faith and witness God’s power in their midst’s.

#2—Do something to encourage […]

So You Want to Plant a Church?

So you’re thinking about planting a church are you? It seems as if church planting is one of the fads of the day. Well here are some things you might consider before attempting to plant a church.

First, are you more in love with God than with planting a church? If not, don’t do it.

Second, […]

Planting a Church 2007

By: Jeff Patton

If you are going to plant a church, here is my sense of it in 2007.


1.  Find your heart burst, what you just can’t live without doing—life is too short to live boring lives…

2.  Get a job.  A job that will support you and you will need to work at least 30 hours […]