A Postmodern Resurrection Story

In one of the congregations I worked in last year, I ran across a story that had become legendary in that congregation. It seems as if the pastor had told the story many times, so the detailed authenticity of the story is suspect. However, I have learned that some of the most profound truths […]

Growing Churches and Growing Disciples Part One

This is the first part of a presentation I did at an event in New York, NY.

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PowerPoint Presentation: Part 1
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The Four Core Processes: Not a Balancing Act

The Church: Mainline, 107 in average worship attendanceThe Location: Northeast USThe Pastor: First call, seminary trainedThe Resources: Consultation completed, coach engagedThe Presenting Issue: Lack of growth, few visitors, lots of busyness with little returnThe Real Issue: The pastor’s commitment to balance

You can lead a horse to water. Sometimes, as coaches and consultants, we just […]

Assimilation Tips

Win Arn put out a ratio book long ago, to effect of 1 of 5 first-time guests return on average.  Of those who come back a second time, 1 of 2 eventually stick

Our first impression is that churches who do assimilation best:

1. Respond within 24 hours to sign ins.
2. Have multiple entry points
3. Offer a […]