For most churches, Easter is the best-attended Sunday of the year and many of those in attendance will be those who only attend on Christmas and Easter. Each year at this time I would ask myself “What kind of series should I begin on Easter Sunday that would hopefully make everyone present make spiritual decisions and motivate them to want to come back the following week to learn more.” Let me say that again. Start a new sermon series on Easter Sunday that will encourage your guests to come back to hear the rest of the series.

Some years back years back I started a series on Easter called “Operation Spiritual Freedom.” It was at the time our country was involved in a military conflict called Operation Iraqi Freedom. I even had a logo designed which looked like the one worn by our country’s armed forces which highlighted 2 Corinthians 3:17. Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.

As our nation was about to go to war to ensure the freedom of the country which it was liberating, I wanted to present a series that would speak to the way that a relationship with God’s son sets us free indeed. So, on Easter I preached about how Jesus frees us from our fear of death (the empty tomb) and over the next few weeks, I continued to preach on how God sets us free from worry, guilt, materialism, addictions, etc.

On another Easter I started a new series called “No Fear” echoing the angels words to Mary on that first Easter morning. Over the ensuing weeks I spoke about how God can help us overcome our fears of failure, the future, commitment (a great one to preach when promoting tithing, baptisms or new members classes).

Most people who only attend services on Christmas and Easter usually only hear Christmas and Easter messages. While starting a message series on Easter, you can still incorporate the resurrection story through a short video, children’s message, and creatively incorporating topics like freedom or fear into the Easter message. Let all who are gathered for your Easter services know why it is important for them to come back and hear the rest of the series. Try to put something in their hands about the series when they leave your church. As Rick Warren says, “We always try to provide something for their hearts (the message and the music) and something for their hands (tangible, take home material that will help them take the next step)”.

Your church will likely have its biggest visitor day of the year this Easter. Don’t let it be a one and done deal for your guests. Help people make their next spiritual steps by kicking off a strategic message series on Easter.

(For more see GETTING READY FOR EASTER PLANNING MANUAL from The Effective Church Group)