Just a few hours ago, we posted a sample board meeting agenda. Within minutes, we started receiving requests: “What would an effective staff meeting agenda look like?”

The primary difference between a board meeting and a staff meeting is that the staff is leading the programs and ministries of the church. They’re responsible for making and implementing the church’s day to day decisions. Boards don’t do that (or shouldn’t). The following is an example of a staff meeting agenda for an effective church.


Keystone Discipleship Question

  • “What did you read in your personal scripture reading time that intrigued you?” asked of every staff member (See the Discipleship Development Questions for other questions to add over time)


  • This is more than just a “How’s it going?” prayer time. Pray deeply and intimately for one another (the Staff) and for the ministry of the church

Review of the Previous Week

  • A review of the week’s measurables:
    • Worship attendance (typically compared to the attendance on the same weekend for the previous one to five years)
    • Event attendance (if any events were held)
    • Number of first-time visitors
    • Ensure follow-up with first time visitors has been and is happening
    • Status of returning guests and next steps to help them move into connection and discipleship
    • Number of servants (volunteers) involved this week
    • Review what went right, what went not-so-right, and what will be done to ensure the not-so-right things don’t happen again as necessary

Pastor’s Vision Casting

  • Where we are, where we’re going, what’s on the horizon, and what’s next

Review “To Be” Lists for All Staff Members

  • Who has been added?
  • Who’s ready for responsibility?
  • If so, what are they ready for and how will the staff empower them?

Looking Forward

  • What’s happening this week … and upcoming weeks
  • Brainstorming goals and gaps

Assignments/Expectations Based on Looking Forward

  • Who’s doing what? – Leave no base uncovered
  • What do “our people” need to know? – What needs to be communicated beyond the staff?

Closing Prayer

Question: What would you do differently from this staff meeting agenda? Let us know in the Comments section below.