It’s August.

The last real vestiges of summer are upon us.

Do you know … has your staff taken some serious Rest & Reflection time off?

Part of your role as the senior pastor is to ensure your staff are taken care of … well taken care of. You are responsible for your staff, much more than you’re responsible for anyone else in the church.

The fall push is literally only weeks away and the church will need your staff to be at their best, but if they haven’t had some excellent down time to rest their weary minds, they’ll be giving you and the church the best they can give. The problem is, a cluttered and unrested mind can only give mediocrity as its best.

So, if you don’t know if your staff … if all of your staff … has taken some well deserved time off, make it your first priority to check. Ensure everyone is well rested and ready for the great push forward.

(And BTW, if YOU haven’t taken some time off, make sure you take some. That mediocrity comment goes double for you.)