Following up on my last post, I want to consider further the importance of conviction for effective leadership. Consider this quote from Martin Luther: “Here I stand. I can do no otherwise. God help me.” Or what do you think allowed Nelson Mandela to give hope to the people from his confinement?  Or what kept Moses driving the people toward the Promised Land when they would just as well return to making bricks out of mud? Or for that matter, what compelled Jesus to go to the cross?  One thing – a conviction that what they were about came from God.

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What is the “no otherwise” in your leadership? What is it that you are not willing to negotiate about your leadership? What do you think about when you wake up and what is on your mind when you go to bed? How firmly do you believe that the direction you are taking your people is from God? Answer these questions and you have the beginnings of being a leader.  Of course, you have to say, “here I stand,” and mean it.  You have to pick up your cross and….

Albert Mohler in his new book, The Conviction to Lead, says You can divide all leaders into those who merely hold an office or position and those who hold great convictions.” Such convictions don’t change from church to church or location to location.  Conviction is who a leader is. You see, it’s not enough to just feel called to be a pastor.  What kind of pastor? What difference are you going to make as a pastor and how? What does God want you do with your life and ministry? The more laser-like your answer is, the more conviction you have in your leadership. My favorite examples is still Mark Driscoll.  When asked what he was called to do, he replied, “To plant 1000 churches before I die.” Now that’s conviction!

Christian Leadership that matters comes from a deep conviction that the Christian story is true and is worth giving one’s life for unconditionally. How deeply do you believe in the truth of the biblical story of redemption in Christ?

Question: What is the “no otherwise” in your leadership? Share yours in the Comments section below.

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