One of the toughest things to do is say no. In the How to Say “No” episode of Church-Talk Drs. Bill and Kris share not only how to say no, but how to help those you lead to say no.

It’s no secret that one of the most difficult things to learn to say is the word no – unless you’re a two-year-old. We adults hesitate to say no because:

  • We’re afraid we might hurt others’ feelings.
  • We may feel guilty.
  • We want to be a team player.
  • We’re afraid to compromise any future possibilities.
  • It’s just plain awkward to say no.

Before you say yes or no, you’ll want to weigh it all up. For instance, consider:

  • Hopefully you know what’s best for you and your family – will this get in the way?
  • Don’t forget that if you take something on, you need to let something else go.
  • If you take this when the Spirit is whispering “No!” you may be getting in the way: God may just be preparing someone else for the position!
  • Although you no doubt have superpowers, others may just be able to fill the role better than you can.

How to Say No the Right Way

Don’t just stand there stuttering while frantically trying to figure how to decline the fine offer to attend a dozen more church meetings this year.  Smile, look confident, and know it’s okay to be apologetic. The Church-Talk episode has a number of other ways to say no with grace and aplomb.

Remember: saying no doesn’t mean you won’t be eligible for future events or roles – trust us, there will always be more to do. Save your sanity… and your passion… for something God really has in mind for you. Just say no!

Question: Do you have a hard time saying no? What will you start doing to learn to say no? Share your thoughts and questions in the Comments section below.