We’re constantly looking for ways to increase the number of first-timers coming to church and to encourage the congregation to invite their friends.  Here are four goodies.

How to Increase and Respond to First-Time Visitors


  • At the end of worship, take a moment to say, “Let’s take a moment to center our thoughts on who we can invite to church next Sunday.”
  • When a new family moves into town send them a FedEx package including a CD with the pastor welcoming them to the community and offering to help them acclimate. The pastor should also cast the vision of the church and ask them to come join him on the journey. This video should be less than four minutes long.  Put a post it note on the CD that says, “This video is less than 4 minutes long. I hope you view it.” Sign it with the pastor’s first name.  You can get the names of families moving into your area by using the New Mover Outreach Program  available at  http://www.outreach.com/new-movers.aspx.
  • When a first time family visits your church send them a FedEx package including a coffee mug with the name of the church on it and a CD of the pastor sharing his/her joy of worshipping with them Sunday and inviting them back to join the congregation in the church’s exciting journey.  Include in the mug a note that says, “This video is only 3 minutes long. I hope you view it.” Again, sign with the pastor’s first name.
  • Many people are timid when it comes to inviting their friends, so why not encourage them to use email to invite their friends and to talk to others about their faith? Most folks have a network of friends, some Christians, some not Christians – yet.

Remember, we are blessed to be a blessing. So go bless your community.

Question: What are some other ways you’ve discovered to be effective at increasing the number of visitors? Share your ideas in the Comments section below.

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