“I was just called to a church with twenty-five active members. I can totally count on them to do whatever’s needed. I’m excited because the church is very active. They’re active in several local missions, they do community meals, and they’re faithful in attending all the meetings we have to keep the church going. The problem is, I’m not sure how we’re going to add ministries that are designed to grow the church.”

A couple things. A church of 25 should be doing about two things: (1) Worship and (2) Some sort of outreach/discipleship opportunity. And mostly nothing else because you don’t have enough people to do much more. The outreach/discipleship would ideally be held in someone’s home (or in several someone’s homes). At these weekly gatherings, the group would most pray for the church (not so much for Aunt Ida, but for the church’s mission and vision), but there would be a Bible study – preferably on the Book of Acts and how the early church did ministry based on Jesus’ instructions and commands regarding the church. Then you would spend most of your ministry time out in the public building relationships and growing the dinner groups and the worship service. When you get the worship service to 40ish, then it’s probably time to adopt some sort of specific outreach mission. 

When the church does less, then your leaders can lead more excellently. At this point, I guarantee everything the church does is mediocre. Do less and do what you do with excellence. 

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