Although I have played many sports throughout my lifetime, baseball has always held my heart. It all started when as a young boy I would watch my hometown Chicago Cubs each Spring and Summer afternoon on WGN T.V. That love of the game continues to this day.

Baseball has long been known as America’s national pastime and as someone who is interested in writing and speaking, I think baseball also provides the most athletic metaphors in the English language. Whether you are a fan or not, we ALL speak ‘baseballese’ just about every day.

Here are some examples I have used:

* We’re not making a bit of progress with this project. We can’t even get to first base.

* Your theology is off the wall. You’re way out there in left field.

* Some people are born with a silver spoon in their mouth, while others   seemingly started out with two strikes against them.

* Everybody’s so enthusiastic about your presentation. You just hit it out of the park.

* Those inappropriate comments of yours were way off base.

* I know you can’t give me an exact price right now, but can you let me know a ballpark figure?

*Chris Matthews of MSNBC is so headstrong, the name of his show is Hardball.

*On Broadway, the musical “Hamilton” is a smash hit.

*I promise I’ll consult you before I make any decisions. I’ll be sure to touch base with you.

*I can’t meet you today, but can I take a rain check?

*We need to get started on the project. Let’s do it right off the bat in the morning.

*Melissa McCarthy is such a wild and wacky woman – she’s a real screwball.

* He’s just not owning up to his mistake. I wish he would step up to the plate and take responsibility.

That woman is influential in her industry. she’s a real heavy hitter.

*When I can’t preach I might ask another pastor to pinch hit for me.

Yes, we use baseball metaphors a lot. Even in Christianspeak we talk about “sacrifice”, relief pitchers getting credit for a “save” and the object of the hitter is to make it to our heavenly “home” .

Even longer than I have cared about baseball I have been aware of the power, presence and purposeful love of God. So let me ask you this question. How do I know that God is a baseball fan?  Because  In the BIG INNING God created the heaven and the earth Genesis 1:1  🙂