Chapter 4 is the longest chapter in the Dinosaurs to Rabbits book. By almost double. And the reason is simple … if you aren’t willing to invest in making radical disciples, you cannot – CANNOT – create a multiplication movement. It’s not possible to launch a movement with nominal Christians. Average won’t do it. Pew sitters don’t count. Church members won’t cut it. 

Radical Disciples are rabid for Jesus Christ. Period. Nothing else will do for them. Give them Jesus or take their life. It’s that black and white. RD’s have experienced Jesus differently than most of their Mainline brothers and sisters have. They’re quick to be a “witness” to what they’ve seen in others or what they’ve experienced themselves. 

Bill & Bill will climb into the rabbit hole of discipleship during this week’s Dinosaurs to Rabbits Webinar. 

Tuesday, 2 pm CDT

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