The Ministry Audit: Consultant Training I and II with Bill Easum.
Resource: The Church Growth Handbook and The Complete Ministry Audit, available from EBA or Abingdon Press. These seminars equip church leaders to apply The Complete Ministry Audit to any congregation. Consultant Training I and II are two of our most productive equipping models. Both courses are facilitated around the case study method. Course I is a three-and-a-half day course. Course II is three days, by invitation only, and requires the participant to have personally completed a Ministry Audit with a congregation. Both seminars are limited to eight people.

Level I

      Bill Easum walks participants through the Ministry Audit, plus tools to interview the pastor and laity. He demonstrates how to analyze demographics. Each day, each participant is given a Ministry Audit and the demographics of a church in which Bill has done a consultation. That night the participant has to analyze the material and work up the presentation. Over the next two days each participant makes a forty-five minute presentation on the church and the area around it and makes recommendations. Bill guides a general critique of each presentation. The fourth day, Bill concludes the seminar by answering questions and coaching on how to do a consultation.

Level II

    This course is by invitation only. The invitations are based on how the participant did in Course I. Bill discusses with the group what he has learned the past year about consulting with congregations and discipling people. Each participant presents one case study based on his or her church (or a church of their choice). This presentation is for two and a half hours. There are three presentations a day. A complete copy of the Audit and demographics is sent to each participant a month ahead of time.

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