I didn’t used to be much of a blog reader, but after conversations with a couple of folk it became clear that blogging, reading, and responding are a social networker’s lifeblood … and since I always fancied myself as a social networker, I’ve started reading a couple. I was reading Glenn Kelley’s blog this morning and came across an excellent bit on marketing the church. He offered ten bits of advice that include such simple ideas as birthday cards, bumper stickers, brochures, etc. You can read about it here.

It may seem like there’s nothing new here, but what he says is not only excellent, but spot on. Just a note from my own experience in marketing.

One of the most powerful marketing tools that a church has available is the local media. Use your media outlets to get your message out. Now, the problem is, most churches send the radio station or newspaper PSAs (Public Service Announcements) on VBS, a special worship service, etc. and when they do, they’re looking for free advertising.

But the media guys are looking for news.

There’s a real shortage of good local news in most areas (major metro areas excepted) and they’re looking for good news bits to write stories on. The problem is, most churches aren’t doing anything very newsworthy … and when they do, they miss the opportunity to toot their horn because they don’t think in terms of “news.”

A good News Release is worth a dozen good PSAs because they are focused on what they media desperately needs. News. So the key to good media marketing is to do something POSITIVE that makes news. Although the axiom “There’s no such thing as bad publicity” may be true for many businesses, it’s definitely NOT true of the church. We already have a lousy reputation in the public’s eye. Do something newsworthy and do something positive.