Why I’m So Hopeful about Church Planting

I’ve never been more hopeful about church planting in the U.S. as I am today. I couldn’t say this a decade ago. What changed my attitude – the growing trend of small to medium sized churches that are planting multiple churches that are expected to plant multiple churches.

Some examples of my hope are:

City […]

A Prayer for Sanity

My denomination, The United Methodist Church, has just initiated a program called “Praying Our Way Forward.” This is a denomination wide program that begins with Phase One, which is encouraging all the Bishops to agree to spend 15 minutes a day between now and mid-November. So far 84 Bishops are signed up.

Now calling for […]

A Second Conversation with Ralph Moore

Not long ago I did a post on my conversation with Ralph Moore of Hope Chapel in Honolulu. In this conversation I asked Ralph if what I had heard was true – that at times he has given away a sizable portion of his existing congregation to plant churches and did some of them […]

What Mainline Pastors Can Learn from Non-Mainline Planters

Over the past couple of months, I’ve been conducting interviews with pastors of church planting churches, and a couple of things keep reoccurring in all of the interviews. I thought I would single them out and show what mainline denominations could learn from them.
Church Planting Common Denominators
A Kingdom orientation is the number one thing […]

Church Planting with Jeff Leake

Podcast interview with Bill Easum

How Possible Is Church Multiplication?

Often when I write or talk about churches that are planting multiple churches I get pushback in the form of the question “I wonder how many of these church plants are more like house churches?” I’m not sure why I get that question more than “I wonder how many people these churches are reaching?”

So […]

Church Planting Isn’t the Goal: Interview with Wayne Cordeiro

Wayne Cordeiro is known for effectively planting hundreds of churches over a long period of years, but in a recent interview with me he said, “I’m learning that Church planting isn’t the goal; discipleship is!  Church planting is actually a byproduct of biblical discipleship.” Everyone needs to let that statement soak in. 

 Cordeiro has shifted […]

Seven Lessons from an Interview with Ralph Moore

Ralph Moore, pastor of Hope Chapel in Honolulu, is a 70-year-old, humble hippie who is planting the third Hope Chapel in Hawaii. Ralph is responsible, directly or indirectly, for more than 1,000 church plants. I was struck by his humble, straightforward way of sharing both himself and what he has learned.

Here is what I learned […]

The World Doesn’t Need More Pastors

When I restarted a church in 1969, I shared the following mission statement: “Every member a minister.” In 1982 the statement changed to “Every person a minister.” In 1990 the statement changed again to “Every person a missionary.”

When I left that church in 1993, 80 percent of the people were involved in some form […]