Cultural holidays are wonderful opportunities to attract people to your church. Take last weekend’s Super Bowl as an example. For years the church I pastored would host ‘Football Sunday’ and we would encourage unchurched people, especially men, to attend services wearing their favorite team’s jersey or colors. As a part of my message on a topic like, “God’s Game Plan For Your Life” they would see video testimonies from current NFL players who attest to their faith in Jesus and affirm the belief that “real men go to church”.

With Valentine’s Day coming up there is another opportunity to invite people to church. It may be too late to make happen this year, but you could organize a Daddy/Daughter Date Night. Complete with dancing, a tea party, fingernail painting, and a photo-booth. This makes for a wonderful evening for all who attend. We encouraged men from the church to invite other men from the community to come with their daughters free of charge, (the Men’s ministry of the church picks up the tab).

Secular movie marketers will always be promoting some film especially timed for Valentine’s Day. Over the last few years it has been one in the 50 Shades of Grey series. You can always counter program an alternative by offering a free movie night featuring a Christian produced film. In the past I have shown a quality feature like, The Song, a modern-day version of Song of Solomon. The license for the movie and free popcorn and pop will cost less that $200 but will give you a wonderful opportunity to speak into the lives of couples who need to hear about real love, not what modern secular media portrays.