We don’t normally do this, but since the Harvard Business Review “Daily Stat” blog has been broken for over three months, instead of just posting a link, we’re reproducing a GREAT mini-post here.

Asking for Advice Makes You Seem More Competent

Most people assume that asking for advice will make others think poorly of them. But if you’re facing a difficult task, the person you ask will think better of you, not worse, say Alison Wood Brooks and Francesca Gino of Harvard Business School and Maurice E. Schweitzer of The Wharton School. The very act of seeking help conveys a certain wisdom; moreover, people with knowledge to share think highly of anyone who goes to them for advice, the researchers say.

Source:Smart People Ask for (My) Advice: Seeking Advice Boosts Perceptions of Competence

Want to seem (and be) more competent? Reach out with your questions.

Question: How have you seen this principle in action? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below.

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