Not long ago I did a post on my conversation with Ralph Moore of Hope Chapel in Honolulu. In this conversation I asked Ralph if what I had heard was true – that at times he has given away a sizable portion of his existing congregation to plant churches and did some of them actually move to another town to plant. Here is what he said.

“It varies. one Sunday we launched two churches. One took 20 percent of our congregation, the other 5 percent. Four times we’ve given 20 percent away on a single day, including our first attempt back in 1973. When I moved to Hawaii, twenty-six people came with us from California. Our primary method is “hiving off” members to the new church. If a person can’t bring at least a dozen people across the ocean we won’t back them. But if the move is on land (when I was in California and at that church later) a larger group usually moves. We’ve seen a couple dozen people pull up and move to the East Coast to plant a church. That church planted nine others.”

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