Over the next several months I’ll be working on what we consider the foundations for church growth. It’s based on the nine strategies we’ve identified as the core for faithful, effective, and sustainable church growth in the 21st century. As I write, I’ll be posting segments here … and I’ll endeavor to post something from the book here every week. As I do, I’m hoping to hear some reflections from you about the content, from suggestions to criticisms.

To get started, here are the nine strategies that form the corpus of the book.

  1. Build a Spiritual Foundation
  2. Build a Congregational Foundation
  3. Get Ready for Growth
  4. Implement the Inviting Core Process
  5. Implement the Connecting Core Process
  6. Implement the Apprenticeship Core Process
  7. Implement the Deployment Core Process
  8. Organize for Growth
  9. Evaluate Everything

I’ve been employing these strategies with the churches I’ve been working with over the past decade, plus they’re the core of my twenty years as a pastor in parish ministry.

Question: Any thoughts, suggestions, or critiques? Share with us in the Comments section below.