Pulling the Trigger

Two Axioms for Pulling the Trigger Why is it so hard for pastors to pull the trigger and institute something new like a new worship service? Why do so many resist doing what they know needs done? Let me take a stab at it responding to these questions of mine.  I think there are two […]

To Tech or Not to Tech? That’s Not Even a Question Anymore

The latest blog post by Bill Easum sparked a number of lively conversations on both our LinkedIn and Facebook accounts. I started to reply there, but as my response grew it seemed more appropriate to bring it here to the public forum. The responses mostly included assertions that the church has become too focused or […]

The Future is Here

Today on Bloomberg TV, The Titans show featured Bill Gates and Mike Bloomberg. Bloomberg said something that all churches should ponder for a week. He said, “technology will advance more in the next couple of years than it has since the discovery of the light bulb.  Now give that some thought.  What does it mean […]

Only Four Things Grow a Church 2014 Tour

Have your attempts to grow your church been frustrated? Getting discouraged trying to get your leadership team on board? Need to make just the right decision before moving forward? Both of us, Bill Tenny-Brittian and Bill Easum, will be criss-crossing the US in 2014 to share the only four things that grow churches. At the […]

Preaching to the New Target

Let’s be honest. Most of us pastor-types were taught to preach primarily to a Modern, well-churched or well-church-experienced audience. The target of our preaching was essentially “one of us.” I hear some of you howling in protest. “I was taught how to preach evangelistically!” Yeah, so was I … but those preaching methods presumed that […]

A Smooth as Glass Restart

Not every church is going to make it. Some need to restart. Here’s a model for getting started from Central Christian Church is Texas.

Classic Worship Leaders and Worship Bands

Music isn’t a part of worship for today’s generations – it is the primary act of worship. Whereas classic worship services break up songs with other worship tools, such as responsive readings, prayers, etc., successful alternative worship services produce music “sets,” similar to a concert with one song leading directly into another for a sustained […]

The Importance of Christmas Eve

It’s not too early to begin thinking about what you’re going to do to capitalize on the pagan holiday known as Christmas. Yes, you heard me correctly – Christmas is a pagan holiday. But contrary to what you might think, being a pagan holiday makes it even that more valuable evangelism tool than you think. […]

A Quiet Mainline Rant

There are lots of things that frustrate church consultants. For me, at least lately, the biggest bang-my-head-against-a-wall issue is “denominational distractions.” Let me give you a real-world example. Last summer, my denomination (Disciples of Christ) took a historical vote on who’s welcome on which side of the Lord’s Table. We’re not the first mainline denomination […]

Stop Inviting People to Church … and Grow Your Church Anyway

This weekend I’m working with a church that desperately wants to grow … well, the pastor wants it to grow. He asked his core leaders about their inviting experiences and to a one they all said shades of the same thing: “I’ve invited all my friends to church and they’re not interested.” Well, Duh!! Unless […]