Does Your Church’s Culture Honor God?

I was the pastor of a good church but, honestly, it didn't honor God like it should when it came to new people.  We were very friendly to each other, however, guests didn't seem to find us hospitable. Sadly, the vast majority of churches are like that.  What about yours?  What is the friendliness status […]

How To Interview An Executive Pastor Candidate

A growing trend among churches mid to large is the role of Executive Pastor. We’ve found that many pastors, who the flair for the flare for creativity, often lack organizational, administrative skills, and oversight skills. They like to spark ideas and ministries, motivate people to action, and then move on to something else- thus the […]

Are Your Leaders Interested or Committed?

I was reading some business blogs the other day and came across one in Entrepreneur magazine. The president of Fusion Logistics, Joe Judson, was waxing eloquent on one of the measures of success: Interest versus Commitment and it got my mind to spinning about some church leaders I've worked with. Many church leaders are interested […]

The Worst and Most Avoidable Mistake of Churches

Lousy hospitality seems rampant at churches.  We hate it when we see it in other churches, but we don't seem to be able to address it in our own. We live in a time when even churches get rated on the internet.  Of course, word of mouth always has been and always will be the […]

The Wrong Way and the Right Way to Network at Your Local Coffee Shop (or Wherever)

He finally took our advice and started spending time at the local coffee shop at the big box book store. Every Tuesday and every Thursday he was there from 9 to noon without fail, but after eight weeks he was pretty discouraged. He hadn't had a meaningful conversation with anyone, hadn't exchanged contact information with […]

Five Things You’re Doing that Won’t Grow Your Church

The church pastor was flummoxed. He had no idea why his church wasn't growing. He was doing lots of stuff right, but he just couldn't get any traction. So he called me. After a lengthy conversation, I helped him identify five things he was spending a lot of his time on that wasn't growing his […]

The Small Church

I begin with a disclaimer - I don’t believe the size of a church has any merit in the Kingdom. Neither do I believe a small church (under 200 in worship) or a large church has any advantages over the other. They both are called of God to perform the same carry out Christ’s […]

Dispelling The Three Big Small Group Myths

Over the years I’ve noticed three huge myths about small groups. These three myths are so pervasive and powerful they have caused churches to avoid initiating small group systems. And when a church fails in its attempt at developing small groups that multiply, most likely the culprit is one of these three myths. That’s why […]

Retaining First Time Guests

Getting people in the door the first time isn’t easy these days, but getting them to return a second and third time is even more difficult. However, you can do a few things that greatly raise the return rate. The following is a seven step response to first time guests. Step One: Immediately following their […]

A Post Modern Resurrection Story

In one of the congregations I worked in last year I ran across a story that had become legendary in that congregation. It seems as if the pastor had told the story many times so the detailed authenticity of the story is suspect. However, I have learned that some of the most profound truths are […]