“Good morning, Mrs. Dalton. Do you have a seating preference?”

“Oh, Sheila, you ask me every week. You know I always sit in the same place.”

The usher smiled. “Yes, but you never know!” Then she turned to a couple who was just then coming through the door. “Good morning! Do you have a seating preference?”

“Well, we do actually,” whispered the young man. “Could we sit toward the back near the aisle?”

“Of course! Follow me.” As she led them to a nearby seat, she said, “I don’t believe we’ve met. I’m Sheila.”

“I’m Ken and this is Sam.”

“How long have you been coming to First Church?”

“This is our first time,” confided Sam.

“Welcome!” smiled Sheila. Then she turned to Mrs. Dalton who was sitting on the aisle in the rear-most pew. “Betty, I want you to meet two of my new friends: Ken and Sam. They’d like to sit here in the back next to the aisle. Would you mind sliding in a bit so they can sit next to you?”

She smiled up at the visitors, “Why of course. Let me shift my bag…. There! Join me. I’m Betty Dalton. It’s good to meet you.”

Sheila handed Ken and Sam a worship program, welcomed them again, and returned to her doorway.

Hospitality isn’t just a smile and a mumbled good morning. Great hospitality includes ushers who ush … every week, every time, with every person. 

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