In the last decade, a ton of books have been written on the importance of developing mission, vision, and value statements and casting vision. There’s nothing wrong with that; in fact, mission, vision, and value and casting vision are where all great work begins. But….

The problem is that these actions will not turn dreams into reality. It is one thing to cast a big, audacious, hairy goal; it is another to make it happen. There is a huge gap between vision and results. It’s not the vision that grows a church; it’s making the vision happen that grows a church. So what stands between casting the vision and the results, especially when things are changing so rapidly?

Execution is the answer. Execution is what turns vision/dreams into reality. Yet very few leaders know how to help their staff execute the vision. As we’ve said, not knowing how to turn a dream into reality is the Achilles heel of ineffective leaders.

Question: How have you seen church leaders turn vision into reality? Share your experiences in the Comments section below.