(From one of our Forum members)

1. Stay Well

First and foremost is my spiritual life. This means daily time with God, tithing, covenant/small groups both within and outside my church, good continuing education events. My marriage and parenting are real high on the list here. Emotional and physical wellness are a part of this too. Remember, “You can’t take people to places you’ve never been.”

2. Preach as Well as Possible

This takes time. I spend Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 7:00 am to noon at my office at home preparing messages. No more “Saturday night specials” for me!

3. Grow a Healthy Staff-Team

This means lots of meetings both formally and informally. Leading by walking around (a Hybel-ism) is part of my strategy here. I buy lots of lunches!

4. Grow a Healthy Leadership Team of Unpaid Servants

My leadership radar is always up hunting for prospective leaders to invest in. This takes lots of time, meetings, lunches, etc.

This takes about 75% of my time. The rest is administrative duties, etc.