The last two months have been difficult on all of us. Many of our members have lost their job and are afraid of running out of money if they haven’t already. And if your members are running out of cash so is your church. And like all good pastors you are looking for a way to keep your church afloat and comfort your congregation. Well, this months edition of Net Results responds directly to how to best respond to Covid. 

Take a look at the Table of Contents: 

  • The Question of Pivoting
  • Navigating the Uncharted Waters of Social Distancing
  • What Declining Churches are Learning About Doing Virtual
  • Virtual Bible Study
  • Four Keys that Unlock and Effective Staff During a Crisis
  • 101 Things You Can Do to Grow Your Church
  • Embracing the Virtual Message
  • Four Surprises from “Virtual Church”
  • Outreach: Virtual and Beyond
  • A Brave New (Scary) World
  • Embracing New Ministry Paths Beyond the Coronavirus Pandemic
  • Virtual Stewardship: COVID-19 Changes Everything
  • 48 Questions to Ask Before You Reopen Your Church
  • Doing Virtual Church

This edition is so jam packed with help you need right now that we decided to do two things – we’re reducing the price from $29.95 to 19.95 for an Annual Subscription and from $59.95 to $49.95 for a Premium Subscription for the rest of May and we’re giving you an article from the edition so you can peak at what’s inside.

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