Following my reading of D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones’ classic book, Preaching and Preachers, I want to address one of the most common objections to most of his conclusions.  Many people respond to Lloyd-Jones by simply saying it’s no longer 1950. And that’s right; it isn’t. But here is his response in my own words.

The Primacy of Preaching Part Two

His approach is still relevant today because even though it is no longer 1950 and much, if not most, has changed in our world, still two things remain constant.  One, Jesus Christ is still the same yesterday, today, and forever. Two, humans are still sinners.  As long as these two things remain constant, preaching is still the primary task of the pastor.

Now I know both of these constants are constantly under attack (no pun intended).  Many pastors are prone to removing Jesus from their preaching and from the center of their theology and have proclaimed that the fault of humans isn’t really sin but is something wrong with our chemistry.  Jesus is no longer considered by them to be the only way to solve the human dilemma. They say psychology or drugs can do a better job, thank you very much.

No wonder our preaching is keeping people away from the church, not to mention driving them away. If something else can do a better job of solving the human dilemma, then why spin our wheels with the Church or Jesus?

The problem is, psychology and drugs can’t solve the human dilemma.

There’s still more to come on the Primacy of Preaching.

Question: How would you respond to Lloyd-Jones’ conclusions? Share your responses in the Comments section below.

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