There are Better Places for Kids than “Big Church”

According to the American Religious Identification Survey (from Trinity College, Hartford, CT) the fastest growing religious affiliation growing in North America is the unaffiliated. Called “the church of the nones” by scholars, these are people who were once affiliated with the Christian faith, but have “opted out” of faith. Although many, perhaps even a […]

Effective Multi-Generational Worship Demands New Thinking

Planning on reaching the younger generation with today’s common worship tools? In the words of Seth Meyers, really?

Beginning in 1950, each new generation has been raised within a learning paradigm that is significantly different from the one before it. Those born prior to 1950 may be called the “Radio Generation.” Their learning paradigm is […]

Announcements Are Commercials

After receiving one of my church audit reports the pastor called and asked why I said they shouldn’t begin with announcements. I said to him, “Do you watch TV?” He replied, “Sure.” I said, “Do any of the programs open with all 15 minutes of commercials?”  “No,” was his reply. “But what’s that got […]

What’s the Point?

What’s the Point?
By Bill Tenny-Brittian

We were asked recently to revisit some of the basics of what it takes to grow/transform a church. Recently I attended a church that has plateaued in its average worship attendance (AWA) at about 400. Although there were a number of improvements they could make so their worship service would […]

Measuring Results in Mission Impact (Part 4 of 4)

There are at least five ways to quantitatively measure mission involvement, and at least five ways to measure mission effectiveness.

Measure mission involvement: These measurements are in ascending order of importance … from least significant to most significant.

1)     Property use: How many community organizations completely aligned with your congregational mission use your space during the week?

2)     […]

Measuring Results in Worship (Part 2 of 4)

The best way to start evaluating worship is to focus the mission goal of worship. Growing churches diversify worship options, not by style or time of day, but my mission purpose. Is it healing worship? Coaching worship? Educational worship? Transformational worship? Care giving worship? Inspirational worship? Mission connectional worship?

Sometimes you can measure life changes […]

Measuring Results (Part 1 of 4)

Understand that you are always measuring something … even if you do not know it. Most churches measure harmony, financial stability, membership. So long as there are no complaints, the church is in the black, and membership is at least stable, they feel they are a “success” (particularly in a religiously indifferent culture).

Your mission […]