The Ability to Focus

One of the things I’ve had to do over and over when coaching pastors is remind them to focus on the major issues we’ve talked about instead of getting distracted time and time again. Pastors appear to be extremely vulnerable to distractions due to their high desire to please people. Often pastors have a […]

Tired of Herding Cats?

You probably hear it as often as I do. “Trying to get them organized is like herding cats.” Whether it’s being applied to the stewardship committee, the congregational council, or the local minister’s alliance, it’s an apt simile whenever you come across a pack of individuals who are more interested in getting what they […]

The Difficulty of Making a Dream Come True

Over the 25 years that I’ve been a consultant and coach, I’ve noticed that one of the hardest actions facing a pastor is taking a dream and turning it into reality. Most pastors enter ministry dreaming about making a difference in people’s lives or changing the world or simply being part of a thriving […]

Living into Your Mission Statement

Over the past few decades, the idea of having a mission statement has been the topic of many an article and even some books. By now, most churches, growing or dying, have one. The question is, do they help? It depends on whether or not the pastor and church are living into them.  What […]

Pulling the Trigger

Two Axioms for Pulling the Trigger
Why is it so hard for pastors to pull the trigger and institute something new? Why do so many resist doing what they know needs done? Let me take a stab at responding to these questions.  I think there are two prime reasons.

1. Distractions dilute desire.

Don’t kid yourself. Distractions […]

Time to Daydream

I daydream a lot. Some might even say I fantasize. It’s my own little world. I dream about winning the biggest billfish tournament in the world. I dream about seeing my wife again in this world. I dream about making a difference in the world. I dream about what I could do with ten […]

A Pastor’s Biggest Mistake

Well, I could list several but one stands out above all the rest – the pastor gets caught up in the church machinery and loses sight of what makes it all go around – building the Kingdom one person at a time.

I’ve watched dozens of church planters get 125 people in worship by focusing […]

Flip Your Church Step 3: Develop Congregational Unity

For some, the thought of congregational unity may be more like a fantasy than a vision of reality, and yet there are churches dotted across the nation that are not only missionally aligned, but they are unified in all they do. That doesn’t mean the members are all automatons or that everyone agrees with everything. […]

Teeny Tiny Thinking

Back at home and trying to get back in the groove of things. As I reflect on my time at the World Convention of the Christian Church, one of the things that niggles me is that ostensibly the purpose of our meeting was to help instill unity amongst the three strands of the Campbelite […]