Turnaround Is Messy and Lonely

Turning a church around is a messy and lonely responsibility. I know because I did it three times and each time the early years were depressing enough to damped even the strongest spirit. When you consider where the church is and where it needs to go, attempting a turn around appears to be an […]

Five Steps to Revitalization

For the life of me I don’t understand why anyone would try to revitalize a church. But I did and I’m glad I did. Still, when I consider that the vast majority of pastors who try either fail or lose their job, I have to wonder why they would try, or why I tried? […]

Too Many Pastors Are Wasting Their Lives

I love pastors.  I was one for thirty years. But my heart goes out to them because most of them are wasting their lives.  Let me tell you why.

Statistics show that some 85% of the churches in the U.S. are either on a plateau or are declining. Some of these churches can be turned around, […]

Turning a Church Around

I will  never forget that day.  It was my first Sunday at a church that only five years earlier ran 249 in worship.  But as I stood to teach I was greeted by only 37 people.  You read that correctly.  In five years the church declined from 249 to 37 people. I later found […]

The Biggest Lesson I Ever Learned

One of the best things about getting older is the lessons learned along the way.  Let me share the biggest lesson I learned.  It’s so simple but it’s what makes life exciting and productive.  Here it is: “The more you risk, the greater the possible return.”

I’m convinced that the main reason so many churches are […]

Effects of Turnaround on Pastors

From Bill Easum

It has been my experience that three out of four pastors who try to turn a church around lose their job.

OnLine Conversations

“frustrated””negative growth area””discouraged””nothing to offer””seven years of hard, hard work, prayer, and some suffering””inadequate and overwhelmed””dogged faithfulness””apathy pervades””very fearful””I hope my attitude isn’t all washed up””poignant””resistance””controlites””terminal disease””it has taken two years […]