It’s “That” Time of the Year Again

That dreaded time for most mainline churches is just around the corner. I’m referring to the fall stewardship drive. If your church is like 90 percent of mainline churches everything in October revolves around securing enough pledges to support next years budget. And for these churches the critical question is “What program do we […]

The Missing Piece to Spiritual Maturity

The fall is the traditional time for many churches to do their annual stewardship drive, if they still do them. So during this time of the year churches are searching for an effective stewardship program. But we know from experience that most stewardship programs lose their effect after two or three years, so the […]

The Living Christmas Tree

Hey folks, here is a way to raise additional funds at Christmas.

Every year we did a program we made up called The Living Christmas Tree. The week of the first Sunday in Advent we put a 24-foot-tall fake Christmas tree in our worship center. Then on Advent Sunday night, we gathered to put ornaments […]

Electronic Giving

A discussion came up on one of the various forums I monitor.  The question was “How do you feel about kiosks for giving?”  My response was this: “Electronic giving is to worship today is like visuals were to worship in the 80s. If you don’t do it, you’ll be left in the dust.”

The younger the […]