Don’t Make These Five Leadership Selection Gaffs

The pastor was sharing his frustration about one of his executive team members during a recent consultation. “No matter what I do, Cyndi finds a problem with pretty much anything I suggest. She either tries to fix what’s not broken or she sabotages the idea completely. I wish I’d never invited her onto the team, but now […]

Team Model for Hiring

A Team Concept for Hiring
One of the most crucial responsibilities of a senior pastor of a church with one hundred and fifty people or more in worship is the discovery, recruitment, coaching, and empowerment of a diverse, talented staff who are all pursuing the same goal. As a church grows larger, this responsibility becomes more […]

How and When to Give Raises

Churches that give across the board raises are shooting themselves in the foot. Why do I say this? Here are three reasons:

No one deserves a raise just because they put in the time during the year. Raises must be earned and deserved, not expected and taken for granted. Raises should be given only when […]

Why You Shouldn’t Show Individual Staff Salaries

I’m often asked if the church budget should show individual staff salaries and without hesitation I always say, “NO, not on your life!” Here’s why.

First showing all the salaries encourages mediocrity. Why? Because the same mindset that publishes individual salaries also wants to give across the board raises, which is always a horrible thing […]

Spending Time Mentoring Staff

Spending time mentoring staff is one of the most important things a pastor can do. When I suggest to a person I’m coaching that he needs to spend more time mentoring or training his staff, he usually asks, “What does that look like?” Here’s my response.

First, you should see yourself as the head coach of a ball […]

How to Effectively Lead a Staff

This article is a follow up to the previous article on staff management.

Learning how to lead a staff is one of the most important aspects of a pastor’s life if that pastor wants to be an effective leader. Every study shows that the vast majority of churches grow based on their leader and how […]

One of the Best Books of the Last Five Years

A book every pastor with a staff, or one who is going to have a staff, should read is Fairness Is Overrated, by Tim Stevens. Over the past two years I’ve waded through dozens of books, and only a handful have pushed my buttons as much as this one. This book is cool to the […]

Hiring and Firing Staff

Today, I had a conversation with one of the church planters I’m coaching. During the coaching call he asked me, “What are some ways to help staff be more productive?” I made several suggestions and then I told him that his question is not the most important question on this subject. The more important […]

Terminating Staff

By Bill Easum

The best practice for someone who is no longer functioning in a position like they should is to let the person go as soon as you make the decision that this is the best thing to do. Waiting always results in that person making a bigger mess when they leave. Do not […]