Why Don’t More People Attend Small Groups

By Steve Cordle

“We are committed to becoming a church of small groups.”
“Life-change happens best in small groups.”
“Everyone needs authentic community.”

These statements, and others like them, are heard often in churches around the country. Small groups have become a big deal.
Churches desiring to help members connect relationally and to grow in discipleship have turned to […]

Conversion, How It Happens

My conversion took place some 52 years ago and occurred over a relatively short period of time – about six months. It began with my dating a girl that demanded I attend church with her. Then I connected with the pastor because we both played golf, and the rest is history. I would characterize […]

Training Small Groups

By Bill Tenny-Brittian

One of the most disheartening thing I’ve noticed in most church’s small group programs is the lack of life-changing that goes on. The vast majority of the participants who attend small groups leave in about the same state as when they came, except that they may be just a little more educated on […]

Small Groups Defined

Often I get a question about the difference between a small group and a non-small group (what I call a “Class” and so on). I tend to differentiate between these groups based primarily on their discipleship development processes.

 House Church: A house church (sometimes called micro-churches, simple churches, organic churches, etc.) is a church that meets […]

Newbie Communication

When I go to most churches, even my own, I try to see everything as if I’m a newbie. Most of the time that’s not hard as I travel across the nation. Recently I was in a mid-sized church where the pastor delivered an eloquent sermon on the need for making connections in the […]