Food for Thought

Two Axioms for Effective Ministry

Distractions dilute desire. Don’t kid yourself. Distractions can derail even the most focused person, especially in a church setting where so many members are still in spiritual diapers and expect the pastor to do everything spiritual for them.

Focus fuels desire.  The more a person focuses on something, the more that […]

Staffing Made Simple

One of the main bugaboos of many pastors is learning how to staff a church.  In reality, knowing how to staff is simple if you just use your noggin.

The following is based on any size church. If the church has under 500 in worship, some of the following staff should be volunteer or one paid staff […]

Too Busy to Lead

I had a conversation today that caused me to think.  This pastor had a lot of balls in the air.  In fact, too many.  So a thought came to me about another two rules of management (click here to read the first five rules).

Point Number Six:  Never be too busy to lead. Sounds like a […]

More on Leadership

Following up on my last post, I want to consider further the importance of conviction for effective leadership. Consider this quote from Martin Luther: “Here I stand. I can do no otherwise. God help me.” Or what do you think allowed Nelson Mandela to give hope to the people from his confinement?  Or what […]

The Leadership Process

Every time a leader goes through a church barrier, three changes have to take place in the leader’s life:

Developing a new skill set
Changing his or her value system
Changing the way he or she spends their time.

My partner and I wrote extensively about these three changes in our new book, Effective Staffing for Vital […]