Most Small Groups Are a Waste of Time

Most small groups I see in churches are a waste of time because most of them are little more than data dumps. They are Bible studies that go nowhere other than gaining more knowledge of the Bible and in some cases fellowship. And those aren’t enough.

I’m convinced that in the  world we live in […]

How to Develop Attention-Grabbing Sermon Series

I’m constantly being asked about the importance of sermon series and what the best way is to go about doing them. The questions are all over the map, ranging from pastors in their first year to seasoned veterans who realize we are no longer in the 1950s. So I thought I would share a few […]

Creative and Effective Sermon Titles

I think I’ve convinced myself that the most difficult sermon preparation task (and one of the most important) is coming up with great sermon titles (and sermon series titles). Your sermon’s title is of critical importance if you’re depending on word of mouth marketing, using your outdoor church announcement sign, or planning to run any sort […]

Preaching Without Notes

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I have been preaching without a podium, pulpit, or manuscript for a year now. I essentially learn the flow of the message I have manuscripted earlier in the week, put a few post it notes in my Bible, depend occasionally on power point to jog my memory, and trust that something good will […]

What’s the Point?

What’s the Point?
By Bill Tenny-Brittian

We were asked recently to revisit some of the basics of what it takes to grow/transform a church. Recently I attended a church that has plateaued in its average worship attendance (AWA) at about 400. Although there were a number of improvements they could make so their worship service would […]