Postmodern Definition

Bill Easum’s definition of Postmodern: Someone one who has grown up outside of the Christendom and who was mentored more by their peers than their parents. Although this is not an exhaustive definition, it does explain why many young adults who grow up in the church are really products of Modernity more than Postmodernity. […]

Postmodern Contrast to Modern

The following are some contrasts between modernity and postmodernity

Modern – intellect, teaching, know
PoMo- spirit, experience, sense

Modern – linear thinking and processes
PoMo – overlapping, juxtaposition without contradiction

Modern – either/or
PoMo – both/and/also

Modern – prove it to me
PoMo – show me

Modern – institutional
PoMo – organic

Modern – utopic vision for future society
PoMo – change or be changed – […]