Top Five Reasons Why Churches Don’t Grow

When I get called in as a consultant to work with stuck, plateaued, or declining churches I have a couple of things I look for right off the bat. In the vast majority of the cases I discover that their inability to grow, let alone sustain, their membership is caused by one of six […]

Behaviors, Treating Unhealthy Behaviors

There are all kinds of understandings about the attacks by members — especially those who proclaim themselves to be spiritually advanced, actively involved, long-term members, big givers, etc., etc.– that I know rationally before and after personal attacks.  Here are 12 of them.

1. Such persons have been treating most if not all the pastors/clergy this way for years […]

Transformational Fallout

Think you’re going to lead your church successfully through the next growth barrier? You might want to think again – seriously. The success rate for barrier-breaking is less than 20 percent, and if you happen to be in a mainline denomination, your odds just dropped to 10 percent. The real bad news is this (and […]