Following Jesus into the Mission Field

Those who follow my writing know I believe we are living in a pivotal period of history in which everything that will be is being separated from everything that was. In such a traumatic period, all the rules of the game of life are called into question.
Christianity and the Scriptures are the result of […]

What’s Your Sending Capacity?

For years now church gurus have talked about the seating capacity of a building.  You know, if your main worship service is 80% full you need another worship service. Well, even though that’s still true, how many you have in worship and the size of your building is not enough.  The real standard for […]

Why I Prefer Antioch over the Jerusalem Church

I believe the primary mission of the local church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ.  If I believe that, then everything my church does should be pointed toward that goal.  If I believe that, then I must also believe that making disciples doesn’t begin inside the church, it begins out in the community […]

Missions to Native Americans

The drum was so loud that I was sure it could be heard several blocks over at a neighboring church.  We are an old, established downtown church.  The elders of my church were dancing the round dance around the pews in the sanctuary.  Furthermore, everyone was thoroughly engaged in the happenings this Sunday morning. […]