Conversations You Can’t Ignore Part V

By now you know I resonate with all of these movements in one way or another, but my heart lies with the Reproductive Movement. So I am happy to know that for the first time in many years more churches are being planted than are being closed.

The Sim Card Movement

The Sim Card movement is […]

Conversations You Can’t Ignore Part III

So far we have examined the Emergent and Incarnational Movements. Today we examine the Organic movement.

The Organic Movement

The Organic movement is a kissing cousin to the Incarnational movement and a distant cousin to the Emergent movement. Compared to the other two movements it sees little to no need for the institutional church. But unlike the […]

Conversations You Can’t Ignore Part VI

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Over the past week we have examined the major church movements underway today – Emergent, Incarnational, Organic, Reproductive, and Sim Card.  You may be asking “Why didn’t you mention the “Missional Movement?” One simple reason – I believe every true church, no matter what movement it is a part of, has to be missional or […]

Conversations You Can’t Ignore Part II

Yesterday we examined the Emergent movement and its implications for Western Christianity. I have one more thing to add: over the past year, I have heard little to nothing from this movement.

Today we will examine what I call the Incarnational Movement.

The Incarnational Movement

Like Emergents, the Incarnational folks have a love/hate relationship with institutional Christianity. […]

Conversations You Can’t Ignore

Over the next few days I will be exploring some of the key conversations occurring within Western Christianity.

The Morphing Protestant Scene

We all know our world has radically changed over the past few decades. I first wrote about this change in 1993 in my book Dancing with Dinosaurs[i]. In my book, I described the change as a […]